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Kati Vasti

Lower backache has become a prevalent disorder in modern times. Almost 40% of people who do a lot of physical and heavy work experience this pain. Nowadays, even people who sit and work for long hours and people who travel a lot suffer from lower back pain. Due to the work stress and unhealthy lifestyle, stress, low immune power have added a global impact of the lower back pain. Lower Back pain is one of the top ailments of patients who need medical support.

Meru Vasti

In Sanskrit, Spine is called Merudanda, and Vashti means oil bath. Ayurveda strongly believes that there is a cure for every singlb e ailment and its consequent complications.


Lepam is the most famous Ayurvedic treatment suggested for people suffering from pain associated with inflammatory conditions. ...


The word Elakizhi refers to Leaf bolus (Ela – leaf; Kizhi – dressing). Sahaja Ayurveda clinic uses one of the best traditional Ayurvedic treatments.


Avagaham is a type of process, where healing is done through sweating.


According to Ayurveda, massage is known as abhyanga.The word ‘abhyanga‘ is derived from two Sanskrit words, abhi,and anga. Abhi means ‘towards’ and anga refers to ‘movement.’ It is also called Relaxing Body Massage Therapy.

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