In Sanskrit, Spine is called Merudanda, and Vashti means oil bath. Ayurveda strongly believes that there is a cure for every singlb e ailment and its consequent complications.

This particular oil treatment for the vertebral column is considered to have an intense healing and curing potential.Hence it is called Herbal Oil Spinal Therapy.

Merudanda Vashti-Procedure

Merudanda Vashti treatment is based on medicated and aromatic oils.Herbal oils are poured on the entire spine region within the boundary of a mixture of herbal powder and water. The temperature of these oils is kept at an optimum level. After applying this oil bath, a massage is employed on the Marma points to activate the vital energy and promote relaxation.

A soothing period of exercise follows the massage. It permits the activated vital energy to travel through all the channels to reach the other body's marma points.

Benefits of Merudanda Vashti

  • Treats multiple lower and mid-back problems such as spondylosis.
  • Heals slip and prolapsed disc, back injuries, spasms, muscle fits, spinal degeneration, arthritis, nervous disorder
  • Heals backaches and other spine-related ailments and injuries.
  • This treatment is considered to have internal cleansing properties by combining ayurvedic oils, massage techniques, and a steam bath.
  • Treats injuries, scoliosis, kyphosis, neck and shoulder pain, and low and mid-back problems

This therapy holds right spinal disorder, slipped disc, disc prolapse, spinal degeneration, muscle spasms, and pain. Gives relief from sciatica, spondylosis,paralysis, and arthritis. Back pain resulting from fatigue and stiffness. Can use it for people who frequently sit in front of computers, Spinal muscle fatigue